7 pc Auger Bit SetHighSpeed Steel6 1/2 long5/8,3/4,7/8,1,1 1/8,1 1/4,1 3/84 flutes

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7 pc Auger Bit SetHigh Speed Steel6 1/2 long. 4 flutes5/8,3/4,7/8,1,1 1/8,1 1/4,1 3/81/4 Hex ShankNewly designed and engineered type of Auger Bits. With a FOUR flute cutting head, combined with an aggressive threaded pilot, the bits will drill extremely fast in all kinds of Hardwoods Softwoods. The threaded leader acts as a pointer that aids in locating the centre hole, and actually assists in pulling the bit into the wood with minimum effort by the user. The four spurs at the very front of the cutting edges, will ensure clean results time after time. The bit will drill at least three times faster than standard spade bits, with superior result. Made of HSS (High Speed Steel) and successfully sold in Europe.